DevOps Porto Speaker Process

We've got a simple process in place in order to validate talks that you may want to present.

Speaker code of conduct

We require that speakers not only follow the community code-of-conduct but also a small set of rules specific to presentations. Talks should be:

  • relevant to the cultural and technical aspects of DevOps
  • not be commercial in nature or designed to influence a purchase in any form. The talk may present specifics about a given product in order to illustrate a point, but not looking to sell the product.
  • designed to respect the time limits associated to presentation slot
  • exclusive to this meetup up to 30 days before the event occurs in the region of Porto, in order to avoid repetition with other local events.

Sign up form

Start by submitting our Call for speakers form. This will have all the basic data related to your talk it will help us manage the process.

Once submitted

Once submitted, we'll look into fitting the submitted talks to the line up of meetups. Once we find the fit, we'll contact you for the follow up process which involves:

  • A presentation "pull-request": we'll review the presentation in order to aprove its contents and provide any relevant feedback.
  • Slide submission: we request that slides be submitted up to 2 weeks before the event for validation
  • Bio submission: in order to help us introduce you to the community and for event communication.

This will help keep things organized well before the actual events occur and validate the relevance of the content for the community. Remember also that the organizers are volunteers, so performing these actions in a timely fashion is very much appreciated.