Meet the team



Eduardo Piairo


Deployment pipeline craftsman always ready to learn new ways to implement Source Control, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for databases, applications and infrastructure. The deployment pipeline it's my favorite technical and cultural tool.

DevOps @ Natixis with automation, collaboration and communication as priorities. Background as DBA with special interest in database changes management and data modeling.


Miguel Alho


Full-time, 13-years-in-the-making, software engineer with a DevOps and Craftsmanship mindset. Previously, I worked mainly as a dev freelancer, but also as a consultant, school teacher, media producer and project manager.

I'm a very big fan of TDD as a development practice, very fond of microservices, of automating as much as possible in the dev, build and deploy pipeline, but also in finding ways to augment individual and team learning experiences.


Filipe Correia


Filipe is currently a lecturer at FEUP. He holds a PhD in Software Engineering and is a fan of design patterns, software design and architecture. He's also a fan of agile methods and in particular of the (seemingly) long-lost art of Extreme Programming.

In his spare time he organizes the Agile Portugal conference and the DevOps Porto meetups.


Miguel David


Operations Engineer at Harvest.

I deal mostly with AWS and GCP clouds, as well as automation tools like Ansible and Terraform. But really tend to focus on the best tool for the goal of the project I'm working with.


Elisete Cruz


Devops Engineer, Tools and Automation at Euronext. She started her career in the IT world 6 years ago. Her journey has been mainly in the Release Management role, but she had an adventure in development for 1 year.

She is a fan of the DevOps culture and is taking her first steps in this wide world!


Marcelo Almeida


Currently Site Reliability Engineer at Talkdesk, highly passionate about automation, monitoring and reliability. Always looking forward to build ultra-scalable and highly reliable systems.

I consider myself a big fan of open source and DevOps cultures.


Ricardo Castro


DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer at Uphold building highly performant, reliable and scalable systems. Strong believer in culture and team work.

Open source passionate, taekwondo amateur and metal lover.


Cláudio Freitas

Systems Engineer at Mindera working at making infrastructure secure, resiliant and elastic.

I prefer to get things done.


Marta Torneiro

Working currently as a Software Delivery Manager @ Blip, with a background in Quality Assurance, I've been an enthusiastic about process improvement/optimisation, release management, agile methodology and the DevOps culture.

I've been focusing on learning new tools, frameworks and techniques to help teams see how we can deliver a reliable and relevant product, continuously.


Diana Martins

Infrastructure Engineer @ Farfetch, focusing on cloud automation.

Highly motivated by the DevOps culture, automation, and distributed systems.


André Carmo


Engineering Manager for Release and CI/CD @ Feedzai, with a background on Test Automation tools and also Infrastructure. I believe that tools are nothing without processes. But I also believe that "culture eats strategy for breakfast", which means that the way people interact and communicate helps to overcome any problem in software development. I'm always trying to build an interactive culture with the help of new testing tools and pipelines that work together with processes to make everyone happy and more productive in their jobs!

In my free time I'm a runner and a traveller.



Cesar Rodrigues


Software Engineer @ Mindera and more recently a learning father.

From time to time I enjoy to solve problems. On the other times I enjoy riding my bikes. If I had any other times I would enjoy being a professional cooker.