A special "thank you" to our sponsors and partners that help us making DevOps Porto a reality:

Redgate https://www.red-gate.com/

Redgate is with us since the begining providing financial support, swag and great prizes!

Bitmaker https://www.wearebitmaker.com/

Our Bitmaker friends where the DevOps Porto logo creators. And it's a great logo!

Design support and community outreach!

Agile Portugal https://2018.agilept.org/

Agile Portugal it's our community partner and community outreach!

0xOPOSEC https://www.meetup.com/0xOPOSEC/

0xOPOSEC is a community passioned about security and it's our community partner!

HumanOps http://www.humanops.com/

HumanOps it's a community that focus on the human aspects of running infrastructure.

Community partner and community outreach!

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