Meetup #26 - DevOps Transformation



  • Welcome
  • Talk: DevOps Adoption at Meo TV by Cristina Moura Rebelo
  • Talk: (A Brief) DevOps History at EDP by Sérgio Amorim
  • Coffee/Networking break
  • Closing



DevOps Adoption at Meo TV

Cristina Moura Rebelo @CrisMR

Deploying and maintaining any TV service brings along a specific set of challenges that can be either overwhelming or game-changing. How did DevOps help us turn the table and what do we still need to figure out? We will share this journey with you, its obstacles and findings altogether. And some leadership tips too.

About Cristina Moura Rebelo:

With more than 10 years of experience in complex project management, Cristina is passionate for project management, especially using agile approaches as a means to optimize time and resources. Currently she manages a team of 20+ developing Meo TV. With a degree in Management, a graduation at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and two project management certifications, blogger and writer (both professional articles and poetry books), married and mother of two, she often participates as speaker/host in tech and leadership events.


(A Brief) DevOps History at EDP

Sergio Amorim @sacamorim

DevOps in an enterprise company is not easy, but it is possible! In this talk I’ll present the brief DevOps History at EDP, one of the largest companies in Portugal. Either in cloud systems or in traditional legacy systems, every path should take you to a high throughput system. I’ll take with you through our journey, showing you our path, and what we did to overcome some of the obstacles. Hopefully, after this session, you will know how to avoid our mistakes and replicate our successes.

Sérgio Amorim:

Sérgio Amorim works in EDP as the head of DevOps CoE. He is responsible for the DevOps implementation, changing the way how software is constructed, built, deployed, and operated. With the help of a framework, some tools but mostly through coaching the devops movement is starting to take shape, which will help the DevOps teams produce better software and, in turn, help the business get better value.

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